Business Advantage New Caledonia

Your gateway to the Pacific economy

WELCOME to the online version of the fifth Business Advantage guide to New Caledonia, created to give business leaders around the world an overview of the current potential for investment and trade with the Pacific territory of New Caledonia.

The report is in both English and French. The 2014/15 edition replaces the previous edition of 2010.

With its first-world infrastructure and a new mood of self-reliance, New Caledonia is looking for opportunities beyond its special relationship with France. With significant natural resources to develop and unique offerings in aquaculture, agriculture and tourism, it is now looking to partner throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

In preparing  Business Advantage New Caledonia/Nouvelle-Caledonie 2014/15, we extensively researched business conditions in New Caledonia and conducted many interviews with New Caledonian and international business people, and relevant New Caledonian Government agencies.

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